ATTENTION: Flight Attendants! Pilots! Airline Story Project!


EVERYBODY HAS A STORY—but we have the best ones!

What’s your story? A second life? Even better, a secret life? Would you like to see your story in print? Or maybe onstage? I am looking for some REALLY GOOD STORIES to be published in a book titled ‘The Lives of The Flight Attendants’, a 21st century take on Vasari’s Renaissance tome, ‘The Lives of the Artists’.

Tell your own true story in 500 to 3000 words or about 10 – 15 minutes spoken word and e-mail it to the address below. To give you an idea, this article contains 770 words. Feel free to read or listen to a few stories posted on this website (see links above left) to give you some ideas for your story.

Not a writer? Not a problem! If you don’t want to write it down, or don’t have the time or inclination, e-mail an outline, the gist of the story, or a recording and we can write the story for you. Simply relate your story in a personal, conversational way, as if you were telling it to the flight attendant next to you on the jump seat or in the crew bus. You can then approve the final draft and give permission (or not) for publication. Easy: a Brussels turn, but a lot more fun! See contact details below.

Your story can be about anything: your childhood or family, a project, achievement, avocation/other profession, or even a future goal. It could be something that happened on a layover, during a vacation, or at home, past or present. Tell about that remarkable on-the-side life you lead, your REAL life off the runway and aircraft. It should give not only the air travelling public but ourselves an insight into who we actually are: “Hmmm…is she the one who runs a bakery in India, a soldier, a world class international commuter, or looks after a disabled child/ageing parent? Is he the one who survived cancer, teaches yoga, or races sailboats?” Or – ALL of the above: respect!! Your story can be funny, tragic, shocking,  poetic,- anything really, as long it is about you.

What is the point, you might be asking yourself? Well,flight attendants are perhaps the most diverse work group in the world. We represent nearly every nationality, race, religion, language, culture, sexual orientation, and class. And yet put three to twenty of us sometimes complete strangers on an aircraft and not only do we feed, water, provide comfort and safety to our passengers, we, the only untethered work group in the world, entrust each other with our very lives. And we actually get along with each other, not in spite of, but because of our differences. What is it? What is it about US? What is the thread of commonality that joins us all together? Is it escapism, travel fever, adventure, compassion, empathy, curiosity, extreme dislike of routine, risk? Whatever it is, it is unique and our stories will certainly reveal that thread. It might even raise our self esteem, empowering us as a work group.

Flight attendants, active and retired, from ALL AIRLINES are welcomed, indeed, encouraged to contribute stories. Please include your name, airline, base, nationality and number of years flying. Identifying details may be altered to preserve anonymity, but in the spirit of “keeping it real” these must be included upon submission. Right to edit story is reserved.

So here’s your chance: you know you’ve got a story you’ve just been waiting to tell. And you know this is the book you have been waiting to read. Will this, our revelatory presentation of life experiences arising from the fortunate conjunction of aerospace and extraordinary individuals who share a horror of routine and the mundane, change the course of civilization as we know it?

WATCH THIS SPACE; if the book is successful there is even a bigger plan for YOUR STORY. The final intention of this project is to have a fearless ten or twelve flight attendants telling their stories onstage in their own words without notes: The Flight Attendant Story Theatre. Yes: be scared!


Editor and Flight Attendant/Purser TWA, PAA, UAL: Joan Foulks

Editor: Kerry MacKenzie, a writer and editor whose work has appeared in numerous publications including the Financial Times, London Times, Insight Travel Guides, Murdoch Books, Now and Hello!

Editor, writer and interviewer: Maya Ninel, Director of Social Media at a major publishing house.