Tips on how to write your story in 12 minutes….or less!

1. Set a timer for 12 minutes. Make sure it is ticking LOUDLY! Now, Beat The Clock:
2. Choose your idea or title.
3. Introduce the characters (it may be only you), place, time, circumstances etc.
4. Tell how the story begins and the events leading up to the climax: “this is how it happened”
5. State the climax (punch line, or turning point in the story)
6. Start to end your story: “and then this happened next”
7. Resolve you story with a satisfying conclusion: “and so this is why…” Or “because of all this…”

You don’t have to write your story in order. If you have an idea for a great conclusion, write it down. Move backward or forward from your starting idea (it may or may not be the beginning of the story), and ask “What happens next?” or “What happened before this?”

Don’t be afraid to be a drama queen.

SCENARIO: You are at a party. You have a story to tell; get their attention!
Or, perhaps you are on Oprah, Dr. Phil, or ‘I Survived’. “Well, Oprah, it was a dark and stormy night…..”

Let your imagination run wild. Remember: it’s YOUR STORY!

Now, test it out on somebody. Read or tell your story to, say the van driver or your mama. Evaluate: did they laugh, cry, or run away? Now revise, if necessary. You know what to do!


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